Third Party Reviews

Laura P. | November 11, 2018 |

"So to add to my previous statement on why downgraded to a 1 Star: I checked in online and arrived about 10 minutes before the suggested time. I was happily surprised to see my son 5th on the list with "on deck" as his status. Before we knew it we were listed 1st. The next stylist came out and then called the 2nd name on the list, skipping over my son, and then our wait time dropped from "don deck" to 13 minute wait. I received no explanation for the skip. So, as I sit here, 12 minutes past our suggested arrival time, my son grows increasingly anxious about the cut. The stylist was very nice. Inconsistent service and haircuts. Sometime stylists are great and friendly, others act like you're doing them a favor and give a poor cut. About 1/2 our visits lead to a second cut from a different salon to fix a shelf or crooked lines"

Brock Jones | October 31, 2018 |

"Wait time is better now that you can make an appointment. 👍"

no name | October 22, 2018 |

"Great place"

Joshua Manring | October 16, 2018 |


Nick James | September 28, 2018 |

"This is the only place I go to get my haircut. The online check-in is definitely useful if you're busy like I am. Looking forward to the days when I have enough time to do the MVP every time I go there. they also keep your last haircut on file so you get the same cut more or less every time you go."

Alex Carpenter | September 29, 2018 |

"Easy in easy out.... sometimes a wait"

Luke H. | September 21, 2018 |

"I've had several haircuts in the past 2 years. Some over $65 and none as good as the first time going here to see Sandra. Very happy. Definitely my new go to. Highly recommend her. Didn't think my hair was difficult or out of the ordinary for a cut but no one has got it right but her."

Timothy Schultz | September 14, 2018 |

"I got my haircut there"

Jordan Lopez | August 17, 2018 |

"I get good M.V.P. haircut in recent years good prices."

chuck smythe | August 18, 2018 |

"Online check in really helps. The stylists are awesome too."